Re: Amorphophallus konjac

If I can add my 2 cents worth to the discussion on A. konjac; here in England
I have grown my plant for some 15 years or so (it originally came from Fanny
Phillips). It has gone through various phases of growth - some better, some
worse - until I settled on a formula which seems to work. Firstly I give it
the largest pot I can find, I am convinced it needs plenty of room to produce
a good sized tuber and to allow the offsets space to develop properly.
Secondly I grow it in full sun when possible; admittedly our sun is weaker
here than in Florida and similar places, but it is also grown as a crop in
open fields in Asia so must be able to tolerate strong sunlight.
     Thirdly its dormant season in the wild usually coincides with the dry
season which in many parts of its natural range is extremely hot and dry. I
overwinter my tubers out of the pot, indoors in minimum temperature of 60
degrees Farenheit with low humidity. So far the tubers continue to expand in
size and flower regularly. Soil? I just use a proprietry house-plant mix
purchased at my local garden centre. Lots of water and lots of plant food
though during the growing season.
    Hope this adds to the overall picture of this wonderful plant.
Happy growing,
	Geoffrey Kibby

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