Re: konjac and sunlight

Where do you live?

Full sun in the SW is a whole different ballgame than in the NE.

There are many growing conditions that correspond with how much sun you can
give a plant too. Remember that when you are posing such questions to a
listserver like this, you are talking to people all over the world, in many
different climates, all with different growing regimes.

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From: Lester Kallus <>
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Date: Sunday, July 12, 1998 6:58 PM
Subject: konjac and sunlight

>A discussion a short while ago pointed out some controversy about konjac.
>If I understood correctly, someone said that konjacs in Japan are grown in
>direct sunlight.  Is anyone here growing one under direct sunlight?
>I ask because my konjac (the black stem variety) was doing perfectly fine
>this spring but the leaf then degenerated.  I thought that the tuber was
>gone but it appears to be sending up a new shoot.  I'd like to get as much
>growth in the tuber as possible this season and if it would tolerate
>sunlight, I assume it would be able to grow even larger.  Unfortunately,
>there are only 8 growing weeks left here on Long Island and there just
>won't be much space to prolong the season indoors.
>So, any advice on light tolerance?
>         Les

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