Re: Southern toad in potted Xanthosoma sagittifolium 'malanga'


I have to evict at least one toad from potted plants each season.  They
like the soft soil and cool dampness and think pots of plants are set about
just for their enjoyment.  Although toads have limited facial expressions,
they know how to register disgust when evicted from the same pot for the
6th time :-)

Toads, like frogs, lay eggs in water, which hatch into tadpoles who (if
toads) move on to dry land once they mature.

Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland
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> From: Judy Bauer <>
> Date: Wednesday, July 15, 1998 8:34 AM
> I dipped the corm in sulfur and potted it up. Just this past weekend I
> noticed a Southern Toad in the pot with the malanga. The toad appeared
> to be laying eggs. Its body was half buried in the pot for two full days
> without moving. The foliage of the malanga has started growing again in
> this tiny 6 inch pot.
> My question is how long does it take toad eggs to hatch? Do these eggs
> need constant moisture before they hatch? Will the sulfur hurt the toad
> eggs?
> Judy Bauer
> Concord NC
> US plant zone 7

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