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Subject: Re: sun question for X. violaceum

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Subject: Re: sun question for X. violaceum

Dear Les,

     The biggest X. violaceum I saw is growing in full sun. In fact, it=20
is in front of the Institute of Biology here at the Brasilia University.=20
It is really big and leaves dont seem to be suffering the excess of sun.=20
This year it flowered vigouroulsy. And remember I am in Brazil and we=20
have sun all year long! Plants kept in shade tends to be too=20
"long-legged" and weak. My advice is to give your violaceum as sunlight=20
as you can.=20

I hope it helps,


>The yautia lili tubers I purchased at a hispanic grocery store for=20
$1.98 a
>pound are sprouting large colorful shoots.  I got such a great response
>about the sun needs of amorphophallus in tuber production that I=20
>I'd try a related question here.
>With the X. violaceum, I don't really care about tuber production since
>full sized tubers are available for a pittance.  The question is: =20
>the ideal sun/shade balance to produce the largest sized and most=20
>leaf in X. violaceum?  I expect the first leaf will be fully open in=20
>days and I want it open up in the appropriate amount of light so that I
>don't have to acclimate it at all.

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