Toads, etc

Aroiders -

Aroid-L is maintained as a moderated list to keep the topic in line with 
the list title. Certainly approprioate topics will deal with pests of 
various sorts, and how to deal with those pests. So, regarding toads and 
other "toad-like" critters, let's work to keep the topics in line with 
our common interest. Thanks.

We have not heard from Julius Boos on this subject so I'll mention it 
for him. Those of us down this way who grow water dwellers have found 
that genera such as Urospatha and Dracontioides do not tolerate urea 
products left behind by toads cooling off in the plants' water containers.
As a result I elevate all of my water dwellers such that the critters 
cannot reach the water containers. And even after taking this step, 
monthly I wash out the containers with a spray from the hose.
As for the non-water dwellers, if I do have toads doing their "jobs" in 
them, apparently the use of a porous planting medium allows the stuff to 
was through and out of the pots. On the other hand, I have never 
observed a toad relaxing in one of these pots. I think they prefer the 


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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