Homalomena rubescens

Dear  aroiders,

Through the help of Dewey Fisk I finally have a splendid plant of Homalomena
rubescens. Since these plants are totally unobtainable in Britain I have very
little information on its needs other than that I know it is a tropical forest
dweller like many aroids. Do any of you who grow this plant have any special
tips/advice etc on keeping it happy. My daytime temps here are usually between
70-80 degrees with humidity around 50-60 percent. Most of my other aroids
thrive in this but I wondered how wet it likes to be. Any advice gratefully

With regard to the flowering of Amorph. titanum and how long the flowers last
when the temperature is lowered, it might be of interest that when I placed my
A. konjac out on our outside balcony (it was banished from the house for
obvious reasons!) the temperature was in the low 50's and the flower stayed in
perfect condition for 5 WEEKS!! Every time it was brought back inside the
increased temperature would start the spadix into odour production again and
back out it would go. It certainly impressed my neighbours since it stood
about 5 ft high! It is now coming into full leaf with no ill effects from its
enforced cold storage.

Regards to all,
Geoffrey Kibby

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