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>Does anyone know if the ABG titanum was pollinated with the pollen from
>the FTG titanum flower? I know that pollen was collected from the ABG flower
>for a possible third flower. It also seemed like the ABG flower lasted
>much longer than the FTG flower. Was it in a cooler area?
>Don Bittel

The pollen from FTG never arrived and until Craig returns, no one knows
what happened to it.  No fed exp. receipts, etc.  Black hole. . . .
We did collect pollen for the next one.  The bud is just starting to
grow and it's still a little early to tell for sure if it will be a
flower, but it's likely as this one was from the same seed lot and was
actually larger in leaf than the one that flowered a few weeks back.  If
so, approx. bloom date?  Maybe late Aug, early sept.  Maybe they're on a
holiday schedule, which would mean Labor Day!  Ours did last a bit
longer, maybe because of cooler conditions in the lobby of the
conservatory, but more likely because it was on a huge root system (we
had not dug this one in years, allowing it to go dormant/grow in the
same VERY VERY large pot). Who knows?  
BTW, the one that finished flowering last week has started sending up a
new leaf!!!
Ron Gagliardo
Fuqua Conservatory
Atlanta Botanical Garden

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