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> Hi all,
> Does anyone know if the ABG titanum was pollinated with the pollen from the
> FTG titanum flower? I know that pollen was collected from the ABG flower
> for a possible third flower. It also seemed like the ABG flower lasted much
> longer than the FTG flower. Was it in a cooler area?

I have an article from that was given to me by a friend, entitled
Atlanta Journal; Its Bloom Is the World's Largest, but Its Smell is
an Eye-Opener, which report about the flowering of the A. titanum at
the Atlanta Botnical Garden (I don't know for sure what newspaper it
is from, or date.  I suspect it is a local publication).  In this
article, Ron Gagliardo states that the pollen sent from Fairchild
apparently never arrived, so pollination was not possible.  It seems
Ron was in Denver visiting friends when this A. titanum started
opening several days earlier than expected.  He was seen in the
Denver airport pleading for any space on a plane home, showing
pictures of a picture of a flowering plant to convince them he was
telling the truth.  Needless to say they thought he was pretty weird
and likely let him on the plane to get him out of the state

As reported during the Kew flowering, visitors were slightly
dissappointed that the flower DID NOT SMELL WORSE after the big
buildup about its stench!

Sean O.

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