Re: titanum pollen

OK, I'll take the risk of getting busted and going to jail when the NY
Times claims copyrite infringement.  They never have responded to give me
permission to print their article.  Nevertheless, I'll quote one paragraph
which will answer the pollen question:

"While pleased with Monday's show, officials at the botanical garden were
disappointed that they were not able to artificially pollinate the plant,
an unprecedented feat. Officials at the Fairchild garden in Miami collected
pollen from their plant last month and supposedly sent it to Atlanta, but
it never arrived. 'The pollen,' Gagliardo said dejectedly, 'seems to be
lost in the mail.'"

Now if I do end up in jail, will someone bring cookies?

At 11:12 AM 7/16/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I heard second hand that the pollen from FTG never arrived in Atlanta. And
>yes, the Atlanta A. titanum was in the very cool lobby of the Conservatory,
>with a lightweight shade shielding it from the hot sun.

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