Re: Pinellia cordata "tuberlets"

>--Roy Herold
>N. Reading, MA
>Just as a matter of reference, the terms 'bulbil' and 'bulblet' appear in
>the book 'Plant Identification Terminology', but 'tuberlet' does not. We
>mustn't make up names now....

Dear Roy;
	The terms bulbil and bulblet are perefectly good  as are the terms
cormel and cormlet. Since we haven't been able to pin down if some of these
aroids are tubers or corms, why not use tuberil and  tuberlet as
appropriate? Except they do sound 'funny'. As per  bulbs and corms, the
underground tuberlets should not be confused with the tuberils that form on
the leaves and petioles.

	Does that mean that Amorphophallus bulbifer also produces tuberils?

	"You say tomatoes, I's all very confusing."

	or a rose is a rose is......		best		Jim W.

	ps, Actually, I call those Pinellia 'things' on the leaves and
petioles  "bulbils".
 It is sort of a generic term.

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