Colocasias for lily pond

Last year I purchased a dark leafed colocasia at a local water gardening
store.  It did quite well.  The price, though, was more than the cost of
the colocasia plants I've received from various nurseries.

I read recently in this group that some colocasias do well in water and
that others will do less well (or if I recall correctly, will rot) in water.  

The colocasias I've received are not labeled with their official scientific
names, but I believe they'll be recognized by others in this group.
There's a solid black colocasia called "Black Magic" (described in some
recent messages), a burgandy stem colocasia, an "orange flower" colocasia,
and a mixed color one called "illustris".

Which, if any, of these will survive (or thrive) when planted immersed in a
lily pond?

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