Re: Picking seeds before mother nature does. -Reply

Hello Mike!
>>>>Hello everybody, I wish I could help you Sue. I've had Arum
italicum pictum in my garden for 8 years and still no
inflorescence.  I divided them last fall.  Foliage looks great,
but no fruit. :-(  Am I missing something?<<<<

That's interesting!  I don't know why I got fruit!  I dug these up from
another yard in full bloom, and transplanted them into my yard!  Almost ALL
of the leaves wilted and disappeared, while the inflorescence continued to
flourish!  There are only two leaves still in sight from a whole bunch of
plants, but four inflorescences still managed to produce fruit.  Maybe
someone can tell us.  Do you live where the temps. stay warm?  Maybe they
need a good drop in temperature.  

>>>>Am I missing something?<<<<

Fruit! :o)

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