Upside-down amorphophallus - advice needed

Well, so I decided to inspect assorted amorphophalli which by my
reckoning should have sprouted long time ago, and found that the
bulbil of A.muelleri has been planted upside down, and that the
emerging stalk has already made a u-turn about the bulbil (which
has sprouted roots in the downward direction, instead of more usual
sideways). Now I have a dilemma: this is the only A.muelleri I have
(the one thought to have been muelleri 2 years ago has proven to be
a bulbifer), and I'd like to make sure it is happy.  The question
now is: should I leave it be (in the already confused state of
affairs), turn it around (possibly just increasing the confusion),
or perhaps go for a partial solution and turn it by 90 degrees?-)

Intuition tells me to leave it alone, since in nature the bulbils
surely fall whichever way up, so they must be able to survive
somehow.  Does anyone agree/disagree?


Krzysztof Kozminski (remove # before browsing) (remove # before replying)
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