Re: Picking seeds before mother nature does.

Hello Simon,

>>>>we grow Arum italicum pictum here in England (Zone 9, probably) and the
fruiting head, which is forming now, stays upright until it turns bright
orange and, eventually, the berries drop off the still upright peduncle.<<<<

    Have you ever noticed a brown ring around the peduncle just under the
fruit?  It is about 3/8" wide, is indented, looks pitted, and is in the shape
of a crown (wider on one side than the other with the point down.)   The
rings on both peduncles look the same, even in shape.  Sow bugs hang out at
the base of the peduncles, and under some copper strips I put down around the
plants to keep snails and slugs away (electrolysis).  I have never noticed
any snails and slugs around them, but I think the sow bugs like it for cover.
 I know sow bugs can do some real damage, but I have never caught one on that
part of the stem.  Now that the peduncles are pitted, I am wondering if this
allows moisture to penatrate the stem,  perhaps allowing it to rot.  This may
be why the smallest one tipped over.  It was soft, as though it had rotted
where it was pitted.  The few fruits that were there, maybe 4, went ahead and
turned orange after it had slumped, so I pinched one, and it had a small
white seed inside.  Is a white see a good seed?  The fruit clusters that are
left, are much larger, with many more fruits, and the peduncles are still
well able to hold up the fruit.  The fruit on top seems to be turning a
lighter green.  Is this the start of turning orange, or are they turning
orange prematurely?  These plants were roughly transplanted while in the
blooming stage, and even though the leaves died, the inflorescences still
developed fruit.  Nice large fruit!   

>>>>I would try to leave the seeds to develope naturally if at all

So it would be better to let them fall over and see if they turn orange
before I pick them?  Or/and pick them after the peduncle has fallen, whether
they are orange or not?

>>>>try sowing the seeds that have formed<<<<

At what point is a seed considered formed?
What is your method of washing the seed?

I am in zone 9 also....on the North Pacific coast.

A lot of questions, I know.
I really appreciate the help!  

Thank you,


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