RE: Name that plant

Dear Julius, Les and Dewey,

    Based on Les' description it seems to be a specimen of the
unmistakable Xanthosoma atrovirens Koch var. appendiculatum Engler, called
"tambataja" by the Brazilian natives. It is a Brazilian subspecies of the
"standard" X. atrovirens from Venezuela and adjacent areas (possibly the 
yellow fleshed Xanthosoma quoted by Julius). Whereas the
Venezuelan subspecies has "normal" sagittate leaves, the Brazilian plants
have somewhat degenerated leaves, with white portions, appendices in the
end of the nerves and cup-like structures in the blade's apex. In
horticulture, there are a miriad of other names, like:  X. atrovirens var.
monstruosum and X. atrovirens var. albo-marginatum, but as far as I know,
the only botanicaly correct name of it is that I already cited. It inhabit
northern Brazil, in the state of Para and  I think I should say that 
such state is one of the wettest and hottest of Brazil so don't let the 
conditions go too cold, too dry or too dark. 

Good luck (you'll need some ;-)),


On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Julius Boos wrote:

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> From: on behalf of Lester Kallus
> Sent: 	Friday, June 13, 1997 4:14 PM
> To: 	Julius Boos
> Subject: 	Name that plant
> >>>I recall seeing a syngonium a few years ago that had variegated leaves and
> a tip that curved up creating a little cup.  Could someone please name it
> and let me know if it's the type of plant that could survive easily indoors
> during our Long Island winters?
>        Les<<<
> Dear Les,
> I believe you may have seen a Xanthosoma, called X. atrovirens "variegata 
> monstrosa" (pg. 135) by D. Bown in her book on Aroids.  I don`t know if this 
> is a correct name, as she also uses it (pg. 199) for the yellow fleshed 
> Xanthosoma on the Dominican Republic which is a different plant.
> It may grow indoors IF it is placed in as much light as possible, you`ll have 
> to try it and see how it goes!   Good luck.
>                                                        Julius.    

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