RE: Mosquito Control in Outside Water-filled Propagation Trays

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Sent:   Monday, June 16, 1997 10:47 AM
To:     Julius Boos
Subject:        Mosquito Control in Outside Water-filled Propagation Trays

>>>Does anyone have any practical advice (based on experience) on how to
mosquitos in shallow trays used outside to propagate bog and other
moisture-loving plants and not "kill" or "damage" the emerging seedlings or
more established plants.  I keep the water depth fairly shallow (0.5" to 1")
in my propagation trays which are plastic-lined wooden boxes 2' x 8' x 3".  I
keep the plants in these boxes for several months, which coincides with the
height of mosquito season.  With no circulation or aeration of the water, the
mosquitos have been quite prolific!

Is there any "seedling friendly" product that would be effective against
mosquitos in this situation?

Any other suggestions on low-cost equipment to propagate these plants outside
other than in water-filled trays?

My mosquito-bitten neighbors and I will be eternally grateful for a solution.

Park T. Owen
Knoxville, TN  - Zone 6B/7A<<<

Dear Park,
Try a few granules of Dursban insecticide in your water saucers.  You have to
experiment to get it just right.  One year I put a drop or two of the copper
liquid thay you mix with water to spray on mangoes as a fungicide and it
killed the larvae quickly with no sign of ill effects to my plants; I guess
you`ll have to experiment with dosages.
What plants do you grow?   I have Urospatha, Cyrtosperma, Dracontioides, and
Look forward to hearing from you.

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