RE: A few miscellaneous Q's..

From: on behalf of Dana Scholle
Sent:   Monday, June 16, 1997 10:34 AM
To:     Julius Boos
Subject:        A few miscellaneous Q's..

>>>Hiya everyone, I have a couple questions for my lovely fellow aroiders. I
guess I'll list them out:

1. If anyone remembers my Amorph. Konjac trauma a while back (Where cat
from hell broke the developing leaf) the plant did go dormant maybe a month
or so ago, and upon inspection, it looks like the tuber is still nice and
fat. I pulled off the withered stem and saw what looks like the same little
pointy-looking sprout which sat on top of my tuber before when it was
dormant last time; and sometimes it would green up a little, then turn
brown, and back and forth until it finally started to grow in earnest. This
time, it's green, but looking like it's fading. Is this a normal thing for
a dormant tuber? I want to make sure it wasn't trying to grow and I stunted
it or something horrible. Just to be sure, I repotted the tuber which had
been outside in a fairly heavy medium and got a good bit of rain into a
faster draining medium (Peat, a teeny bit of vermiculite and perlite, and
left it dry a few days to help ensure it wouldn't rot or anything. Is this
smart, or does it require more moisture? Any suggestions on how to baby
this baby to get it to grow healthy again? It seemed like a few new roots
were present and a couple of budding roots, and I am wondering that somehow
by being encased in the old dying leaf, the brand new shoot might have
started to rot? It was still green when I pulled the old leaf off, but had
a bit of a softish, fading to a brown look to it, and I can't remember if
it did this before.<<<

>>>2. I had a great time trading with Kevin Martyn last week, and got some
Amorph Bulbifer seedlings, which I am very excited about! I read something
about seed culture of amorphs, and I am a bit confused on one point: The
leaf that is present on the seedling, will this be the only leaf it puts up
this year? I always got the impression Amorphs only put up like one leaf
per year, but this literature implies that it will put up more..?<<<

>>>3. Petra Malesevich was kind enough to pass along some Dracontium Tubercles
(Yes! Hee Hee) They are adorable! But wait! Which end goes up? They don't
have that Amorph shape where I can easily tell the top, they're sort of
scallion shaped, but I think on some I can make out sort of a wartier side.
Can anyone suggest some good growing tips on these? I am so looking forward
to growing them! Actually, along the same subject, I am really interested
in getting tubercles or tubers of Drac. soconuscum, but I really hate to
overstep on Petra's wonderful generosity by asking for yet more tubercles!
Does anyone know of a good source or maybe has a couple spare I could
either buy or trade for?<<<

Dear Dana,
The tops will be a little more pointed , and the bottoms flatter where they
broke off from the mother tuber.  Just plant them in soil about 1 inch deep,
keep moist and they will enlarge over a peroid of a couple months while
producing roots, then put up a leaf.  Fert. lightly even though you don`t see
a leaf, as I was surprised at the increase in size of the tubercles before I
saw a leaf.
What species do you now have?  sometimes D. asperum become available when I
repot, and there is a guy in N. Florida that was offering D. amazonense
tubercles for sale a while back, maybe someone remembers his name/address?

>>>Anyway, thanks all for all the great help everyone!


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