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On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Dana Scholle wrote:

> 1. If anyone remembers my Amorph. Konjac trauma a while back (Where cat
> from hell broke the developing leaf) the plant did go dormant maybe a month
> or so ago, and upon inspection, it looks like the tuber is still nice and
> fat.

As long as there is no signs of rot, it should be OK.  Repotting in
well-drained medium is a good idea.  Keep it barely moist and check now
and then for either rot (should not happen if you don't see anything
now), or for new growth.  Don't worry too much - this is a sturdy beast,
and even if you lose it, I'm sure someone on this list has some to spare.

> were present and a couple of budding roots, and I am wondering that somehow
> by being encased in the old dying leaf, the brand new shoot might have
> started to rot?

Actually, I think that leaving the old leaf to die on its own schedule
would've been healthier - after all, this is what happens in nature.

> 2. I had a great time trading with Kevin Martyn last week, and got some
> Amorph Bulbifer seedlings, which I am very excited about! I read something
> about seed culture of amorphs, and I am a bit confused on one point: The
> leaf that is present on the seedling, will this be the only leaf it puts up
> this year? I always got the impression Amorphs only put up like one leaf
> per year, but this literature implies that it will put up more..?

Bulbifer can easily put up three-four leaves in a year, when growing from
a small tuber/bulbil.  I have some that are on to their third leaves
since breaking dormancy this year.  This is apparently true of many other
species as well (titanum and gigas also so have multiple leaves when young,
an one of my A.prainii had *seven* at its peak.  Konjac, on the other
hand, seem to limit itself to one leaf per season (at least under the
conditions it has in my living room :-)

Re: dracontium - if you can't tell which end is up, plant sideways :-)
I did this with mine, and they are coming up OK...


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