RE: Name that plant

Dear Dewey,

     Your observation is quite opportune and accurate, but I have some
interesting information about such plants. These names are very usefull
there overseas, since most material are clones of a few wild collected
plants, usually those with most odd characters. Here in Brazil (the center
of origin) we have some cultivated material that seems to be different
clones from yours and I have seen some rare plants with variegated leaves
(and with white margins) bearing the cited appendix, and completely green
plants with no appendix. Thus, probably the varietal taxonomy isn't that
easy. Now and then I'll listen such species more closely. I also think
that even if there is a true var.  albo-marginatum, it is only a
horticultural name, not valid taxonomically speaking. 

Best wishes,


On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Dewey Fisk wrote:

> Quandry....  Eduardo..  I have both... or at least I thought I had both X.
> atrovierens var. appendiculatum and X. atrovirens var. albo-marginatum....
> Now, the quandry...  the ....appendic.. has, under the leaf an appendage
> that grows along the midrib...  and is completely green...  all of the leaf
> and appendage...  now, the albo-marginatum that I have is variegaged and
> the base of the leaf has grown together to form a small cup... which forms
> on the top of the leaf
> I might like to disagree with you on what Les has...  of course, based on
> the above and what I have been told....
> Dewey
> Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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