IAS Newsletter

The IAS Newsletter is in the mail and, today, I received my copy.  Dr.
Thompson has done a job on the Newsletter the likes of which the IAS has
never seen.  As a former Newsletter Editor, I can say, with authority, that
this is by far, the best Newsletter we have ever had.  Kudos to Dr.
Thompson.  But, she could not have done it without the assistance of Dr.
Alistair Hay who wrote about 'Flora Malesiana Araceae',  Julius Boos with
his 'Cooking with Aroids', Dr. Richard Keating telling about his research
in 'Anatomy of the Araceae' and George R. Stilwell, Jr. telling us all of
the good stuff about the 'Arisaema Enthusiasts Group'.  There is also the
regual feature that Dr. Thompson puts in.... 'Publications on Araceae'
This time, it lists three good books.  Amy Donovan ended the issue with
some vital information on the IAS Show and Sale coming September 27 and 28
at Fairchild Tropical Garden.

Now, if you are not a member of IAS, you will not receive this great
Newsletter.  For information on the IAS, please E-MAIL ME DIRECT at
<plantnut@shadow.net>.  I will be happy to send you information...

Thank you for your time...

Dewey Fisk
International Aroid Society...

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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