Free seedlings!

Dear List members,

Through the courtesy and great generosity of one of the list members (Peter 
Prandall in Adelaide) I have a number of germinating seedlings of various 
Anthurium species. They are growing on nicely and are almost ready to be 
potted up. It is my intention to offer them to anyone who wants them, free of 
charge in the hope that we can get these often rare or at least hard to find 
species into more general cultivation. This may help to preserve the gene 
pool in years to come when the rain forests are even further decimated than 
they are now.

I have found that most Anthurium species grow extremely well indoors as house 
plants, often doing even better than they do in a greenhouse; certainly they 
have less pests, fungi, general leaf damage etc and it is possible to grow 
quite magnificent specimens in the average centrally heated home despite lack 
of moisture in the air (although I suspect British homes are usually not as 
warm and dry as American homes in the winter). I have plants of 
A. magnificum, A. crassinervium etc doing beautifully with the minimum of 

Now to the seedlings! I have the following coming up:-
A. atropurpureum - ready to send now.
A. bakeri (broad leaved form) - should be ready in about a month.
A. "archifolium" thought to be an undescribed strap-leaved species given this 
descriptive name - should be ready in about a month.

I am happy to send these free of charge to anyone in Britain. Sorry to those 
in the USA, I would love to send them there also but I do not want to get 
involved in quarantine/certificates etc :-( I am not sure what the position 
is re the European community? Perhaps someone can let me know; in principle I 
do not mind sending them to Europe if there is no hassle involved. I am not 
worried about postage costs in Britain although I might have to think again 
if European postings are possible. Although I do not ask for money, if anyone 
has any swaps of seeds/seedlings I would be grateful. My interest is not just 
Anthurium but almost any aroid so let me know if you have anything of 

Strictly first-come first-served, the number of seedlings you get depends on 
how many people respond; probably at least two particulary with 
A. atropurpureum where I have about 40 seedlings, less of the others.

Please e-mail me directly, not the list, at:


Geoffrey Kibby
International Institute of Entomology
56 Queen's Gate
London SW7 5JR
Tel: 0171-584-0067

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