(Fwd) new unfamiliar plant

Dear all,  this is apparently from someone not in our 'Aroid Family'. 
Please help if you can.  Hopefully, here comes the next member of the 
IAS.  Thanks a lot.  Please make sure copy your message to
sue_scimeca@prodigy.com (MRS SUSAN J SCIMECA) if you reply your 
message to the list. Thanks.  Guanghua

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From:          sue_scimeca@prodigy.com (MRS SUSAN J SCIMECA)
Date:          Wed, 25 Jun 1997 11:04:58, -0500
To:            zhu@mobot.org
Subject:       new unfamiliar plant

Stumbled on your website through a search on Yahoo and was wondering 
if you could help me.
I am just "venturing" into the world of ponds and bought a plant that 
"looked" to be a member of the Taro family. No one at the store that 
I boought it at knew what it was or how to grow it, but it was 
labeled with a scientific name..Alocasia Amazonica.
After some research, I did discover that it was in fact a member of 
the Taro family and was a "shallow" marginal plant I could use in my 
Could you tell me something more about this plant? Is it tuberous? 
Someone said the juice of the plant is poisonous, if so should i be 
concerned, I own pets and have a grandchild? How would I grow it in 
I remember from things I have seen on TV, that Taro is grown in water 
and that the Hawiaans use it for a food source. Correct?
I was attracted to it by its rather "baazar" looks and would like to 
see if I can be sucessful with  growing it.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
Susan Scimeca

Guanghua Zhu
Missouri Botanical Garden
P. O. Box 299
St. Louis, MO 63166-0299, USA
Phone: (314)577-9454
Fax:   (314)577-9438

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