Re: An Aroid greenhouse question

(this is always an appropriate question). I use kerosene in my greenhouse.
Before I went with it I heard all kinds of comments about using one-all from
people who didn't have one. It worked great this winter. There are no
problems if you keep it full of kerosene. Get one with a fan in it though so
that the heat is dispersed and not collected in one spot. Most new kerosene
heaters have a shutoff switch if you happen to forget to fill it, so don't
worry if you hear about greenhouses being coated with black smut from
heaters going empty.
I also have a couple of fans blowing around too because air movement is
important in keeping a greenhouse warm, otherwise you develop cold spots.
The annoying thing about kerosene (and propane) is that unless your heater
has a huge tank, you basically have to refill it every night. If you go away
at all in the winter you have to make sure that someone can and will do the
heater. Natural gas piped from the house would be optimum method of heating
and I think by next winter I will try to do this for all my greenhouses. I
think I bought my thermostat which hooks up to the plug in on the kerosene
heater (the best ones have electric switches) at Stuppys or at Hummert (both
mail order sources).

Jared R. Shortman
Tucson Growers
(520) 882-7060
2509 N. Campbell #338
Tucson, AZ 85719

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From: Sue Zunino <>
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Date: Saturday, June 06, 1998 7:18 AM
Subject: An Aroid greenhouse question

>Dear Aroid people,
>Can anyone give me some suggestions on choosing a greenhouse heater for my
>greenhouse Aroids?  My greenhouse isn't very big (9' X 15') with a covered
>wagon top that reaches 10'.  I've heard of kerosene, gas, wood and compost,
>but the ones that appeal to me the most are kerosene and propane gas
>heaters.  Can anyone recommend a heater?
>I hope this is an appropriate question for the list.
>Thank you anyone,
>Sue Zunino, Zone 9

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