EXTRA   EXTRA!!!   STOP PRESSES!!

During a visit to Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami this morning it was
discovered that at least one plant of Amorphophallus titanum  (Becc.) has an
inflorescence bud that is about 24" tall, with just the tip of the spadix
visible at it`s apex!  Craig Allen (it`s "keeper") was summoned, and had
been keeping his eye on it for some time and hoping for an inflorescence,
suspected that it might turn out to be a leaf.  Another "point" is making
it`s presence known in yet another huge pot containing another tuber of this
species, and based on it`s thickness (only about 6" tall at this time) just
may be another bloom!!!  Several other plants of this species, all from wild
collected seed by DR. Jim Symon (who passed away on October 10th. 1995) are
all growing and at different stages of development, as are several other
This noteworthy event in the Aroid world shows that the recent blooming of
another small plant of this generally larger species by Kathy Upton was not
a fluke

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