Re: An Aroid greenhouse question

What is the fuel on your message below.....

>Jared, Bob and Neal,
>Thank you for your responces.  I did a search on The Southern Burner =
>Company and found this:
>    TheModel C-1 Unit Heater is an open flame heater that does not need =
>to be vented.  Although it does require a fresh or combustible air =
>intake from the outside of the greenhouse.  The C-1 is round in design - =
>12.5 inches in diameter and 22 inches tall, constructed of non-rusting =
>mill polished aluminum shell supporting a stainless steel burner rated =
>at 20,000 B.T.U.
>This is exactly what I was looking for.  It also says:  In Northern =
>states, it is suggested that one unit be placed for every 150 to 175 =
>square feet of floor space in a conventional greenhouse. =20
> My greenhouse has 135 sq. ft., so this heater should work just right.  =
>I haven't seen the cost of one yet, but I'll find out Monday, which will =
>probably curtail purchasing a years worth of Aroids. =20

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
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