Re: An Aroid greenhouse question


>What is the fuel on your message below.....<

Natural gas or LP.  One model (A1) is vented in the sense it has a stove
pipe, the other (C1) is not, but requires a 2" to 3" vent pipe above the
greenhouse floor from the outside to: well, here's what they say:

   " A 2" to 3" PVC air intake pipe should be installed as the figure shows.
The outside elbow should be turn down to keep out water and screened to keep
out rodents.  Intake pipe can be offset to one side.  It does not have to be
in center of heater.  The pipe extending outside must be no more than 12"
from inside floor grade, and should stop about three inches from the heater,
and about four inches up from the floor."

I have natural gas not far from my greenhouse, so this would be an easy
setup for me.


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