Re: An Aroid greenhouse question

This is good...  just remember the longer the stove pipe...  the more heat
you will obtain.  It will not vent to the outside as fast...  Lots of

>>What is the fuel on your message below.....<
>Natural gas or LP.  One model (A1) is vented in the sense it has a stove
>pipe, the other (C1) is not, but requires a 2" to 3" vent pipe above the
>greenhouse floor from the outside to: well, here's what they say:
>   " A 2" to 3" PVC air intake pipe should be installed as the figure shows.
>The outside elbow should be turn down to keep out water and screened to keep
>out rodents.  Intake pipe can be offset to one side.  It does not have to be
>in center of heater.  The pipe extending outside must be no more than 12"
>from inside floor grade, and should stop about three inches from the heater,
>and about four inches up from the floor."
>I have natural gas not far from my greenhouse, so this would be an easy
>setup for me.

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
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