Re: An Aroid greenhouse question


>This is good...  just remember the longer the stove pipe...  the more heat
you will obtain.  It will not vent to the outside as fast...  Lots of

I'm going to go with the non vented heater because there's just no way to
put a pipe through the ceiling of this greenhouse.  I can leave the front
doors slid open to help with air circulation and vapor escape.  I have one
fan going in there all the time, but I'll probably need to add another.  Gas
heat produces moisture, doesn't it?  I know when we use our wood stove in
the house, the mildew doesn't grow as well, but with our forced air gas
heater, mildew seems to hang around on the walls in the dark areas of the

Here's an update on my newly aquired plants.  The Philo. sp. is planted in a
pot with a sphagnum totem behind it.  Planted in the totem, is Anthurium
trinerve, P. tuxla (sprinkled here and there), A. bakerei, a tiny A.
clarinervium (that will probably tip the totem over in time), and a bright
verigated spider plant in the very top.  Philo. sp's. leaves are reaching
out horizontally and the new leaf has fully emerged.  It's a wonderful
plant, and is doing great right here in the center of my house.......on top
of the wood stove actually...of course we're not using it.

I haven't planted A. lucens with a totom yet, but it has been transplanted,
has new leaves developing and is doing great.  Some of the little 'Pin
Cushion' Philo's. leaves melted away, but the top couple are strong.  The
soil was pretty wet when it arrived, so I let at least the surface of the
soil dry out completely before I watered it again, and then I tried to water
the top surface only.  I think it will be fine.

Thanks for the help,

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