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Date: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 10:15 PM
Subject: Dracontioides etc

>For those members who shared in the generous distribution of seeds of
Dracontioides and Lasimorpha by Julius Boos I thought it might be of
that the seeds I received have now germinated. Both at exactly the same
almost to within a day of each other, and both after I had more or less
them up for lost. They were sown in chopped sphagnum and peat-based compost
and kept warm and wet. I think the final trigger for germination was the
arrival of the early morning sun in their window which rapidly heated the
small propagator they were in to high temperatures (85-90 deg. F) before
moving on and the temperature then lowering to a more normal level. I would
imagine that the swamps in which they live, and the mud in which they
germinate must reach very high temperatures at certain times of day.

I now have a number of small seedlings with beautifully shaped leaves and I
look forward to growing them on - hopefully successfully! Many thanks to
Julius once again.

Happy growing all,
Geoffrey Kibby<

Dear Geoff,
Thank you for posting this, as I feel sure that there are others out there
that were about to dispair over the non-germination of their seed; mine
germinated within 2-3 weeks of being sown.  I agree that heat probably is
the trigger.  I have had seeds of Urospatha that were forgotten (in a bowl
of water in the darkness of my HOT garage) germinate at 100% live in 2-3
Good luck, and remember that I now suspect that Dracontioides require as
much BRIGHT light as possible; mine (and those belonging to others, see Don
Burns posting)) tend to grow leggy, and Eduardo tells me that Dracontium
margaretae, another wet-growing relative, MUST be grown in FULL sun, or it
will be weak, tall, and will not bloom.   The Brazilian sun would be fierce
on the wet plains where these species grow, so lets try providing as much
bright light as we can, and report the results.
Cheers and good growing,

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