Dracontioides etc

For those members who shared in the generous distribution of seeds of
Dracontioides and Lasimorpha by Julius Boos I thought it might be of interest
that the seeds I received have now germinated. Both at exactly the same time,
almost to within a day of each other, and both after I had more or less given
them up for lost. They were sown in chopped sphagnum and peat-based compost
and kept warm and wet. I think the final trigger for germination was the
arrival of the early morning sun in their window which rapidly heated the
small propagator they were in to high temperatures (85-90 deg. F) before
moving on and the temperature then lowering to a more normal level. I would
imagine that the swamps in which they live, and the mud in which they
germinate must reach very high temperatures at certain times of day.

I now have a number of small seedlings with beautifully shaped leaves and I
look forward to growing them on - hopefully successfully! Many thanks to
Julius once again.

Happy growing all,
Geoffrey Kibby
email: Geoffaroid@aol.com
website: http://members.aol.com/dgiscience

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