Re: An Aroid greenhouse question

Gary, Neal, Don and Jonathan,

I do have mostly Aroids, but it's interesting that some have mentioned
Begonias.  I happened to notice (at our local Dept. of Ag.) a plain old
Angel Wing Begonia that had climbed to a hight of about 10' using other
plants to get there, and I was going to see if I could get one to climb in
the greenhouse.  I do have one little Begonia in there now that hasn't
seemed to mind the temps. much, but it isn't in direct line with the
watering system.  It gets overspray, and that's about it.  I do want to
think about what other plants I might want to add.  There is another heating
system that I have mulled around, and that is a radiator heater for big
trucks, but this would require a radiator with a thermostat, and I just
can't picture how to set it up.  I had origanally thought of using it for
the heating system itself, with pipes under the floor.  I don't have a lot
of room in the greenhouse, so setting a tank in there would mean less plants
(who wants less plants?). Gary,  I would like to hear more about this
system....even though I don't fully understand how you've got it set up.  Is
your chest freezer outside or inside?

I really like the idea of the thermostatically controlled water mixing
valve.  This would allow me to add whatever plants I like, and would just
require extending my hot water pipe to the greenhouse, or I might be able to
mix and match on the house end?  This sounds simple, and it would cover
safety for any plants I choose.

>I noticed neat little water
heaters attached to the shower unit in the bathrooms of some hotels and
guest houses.  The water was heated just before it came out of the
showerhead, I think by some sort of natural-gas-burning system. <

This is another great idea, Neal.   I'm wondering what it's called, and
where one might look to find it.  It might even be simpler to attatch to the
cold water line at the house, where my gas line is, and not even have to
take gas to the greenhouse.

Thank you all,
Sue Zunino

Thank you,
Sue Zunino

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