Re: An Aroid greenhouse question

Sue -
	My sense is that if you're only growing aroids, then there probably 
isn't a problem with water temp., that is, I've not noticed a problem with
any of the aroids I've grown over the last 20 yrs. as a result of cold water.
Same is true for the vast majority if not all orchids.  However, if you're
slipping some Begonias into the mix, or gesneriads (members of the African
violet family) then cold water is going to be a real problem, both misting
and watering.  I've successfully tied in hot water through a variety of 
mixing valves (I've held four positions and worked with 4 different mixing
valves), so that as the ambient water temp. dropped through the winter months,
I could gradually increase hot water mixed with it to keep the watering temp.
between 68 - 75 degrees F.  Nothing complains from this, and for the more
sensitive plants which I've mentioned (and there may be others), it is crucial.
Good Growing.
- Jonathan Ertelt

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