Re: Sue's Greenhouse Misters


>While I recognize the need to maintain relatively high humidity, even in
winter, I would question the need to mist in the winter. It seems to me
that in a small heated greenhouse, a couple of buckets of water on the floor
below the benches would provide adequate humidity. Have you considered

Yes, actually I spray down the floor, which is gravel, for humidity.  I have
used the spraying system as a watering system leaving it on for 30mins. at
necessary intervals (maybe every 2 to 3 days), then because the larger pots
need more than that eventually, I water them with various sprayers on the
end of my hose.  Since the sprayers are on for a long enough period, the
sprinkler water turns cold, and the hose loses it's warmth almost
immediately.  Since I've only used a little ceramic heater up to now, I
don't know how a real heater will change the watering needs or even affect
the cold waterings, but you have a point about the air possibly warming the
spray, however the hose water is always cold.  I have a fan which dries the
plants well before evening when I do spray, and of course they are warm
again before too long.  The Philos. and Anthuriums that are now in the
greenhouse, have dealt with it so far, but the plants that I plan on putting
out there (Urospathas, Dracodioides, Amorphophallus, and the rest of my
Anthuriums) may not appreciate it.


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