Sue and Dracontioides

Sue, regarding misting, etc, I now understand. You will obviosly have to 
experiment. Its the only way to really find out how the plants will like it.
One thing is for sure: Fungi of various kinds are always looming in the 
background , ready to jump on your plants. So keep the fungicide handy, 
especially in the winter time (that's when its most active here).

As for Dracontioides, Julius and I will be most interested in hearing how 
your plants do, not only in the winter, but this summer as well. My 
Dracontioides have not done well in the last couple of years, and I am 
not sure why. Julius has suggested less sand in the planting medium, as 
well as more sun, which I am about to try.

Please keep us updated on how well your D's do.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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