Re: Babt Philo Killer ....

<font size=3>At 08:00 AM 6/10/98 -0500, Bob Riffle wrote:<br>
&gt;Mike, in my experience the leaves of P. selloum are undamaged 
&gt;anything above about 26'F., but the trunk (if the plant has
&gt;one) will survive about 22'F., and the root will resprout from<br>
&gt;as low a temp as 18'F .... sometimes &lt;g&gt;.<br>
&gt;HAS ANYONE IN THIS AUDIENCE EVER GROWN the spiny-trunked P. <br>
&gt;mello-barretoanum, if that's still a valid binomial!<br>
&gt; <br>
Mike,&nbsp; I have had P. selloum survive 18 degrees F, but the leaves
were badly burnt and slowly rotted off.&nbsp; I don't think it is the
cold as much as it is the duration of cold that does the damage.&nbsp; I
have seen the leaves with a light coating of ice survive 'though
burned.&nbsp; Gary Meltzer</font>

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