Re: Xanthosoma saggitifolia (malanga) or "Taro"? (fwd)

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Date: Friday, June 12, 1998 9:11 PM
Subject: Re: Xanthosoma saggitifolia (malanga) or "Taro"? (fwd)

Dear Hester,
If it was a huge, oval tuber, it most probably will be one of the
Colocasias.  Because the entire top is normally cut off to be re-propagated
by the farmer, this sometimes can be difficult to get to sprout, and can
only do so from "a side eye".   Keep us informed as to its progress.
Sugar cane should sprout if layed at an angle, buds pointing up (the buds
are on opposite sides of every joint, and the tips point "up") on its side
and 1/2 covered in soil.
  Yucca (Cassava) probably will not grow from the specialized roots, which
the edible portion is.  It is propagated by planting 1` cuttings of the
branches.  Latin friends of mine locally grow it for food, so I could
probably obtain cuttings if they were needed.  There is also a varigated
leafed variety that is (or was) sold as an ornimental that I sometimes run
into, though I can`t recall a specific location as I write.
On a more serious note, try peeling the yucca, which can be difficult the
first time.  Cut a spiral 2" apart through the thick skin up the root, then
peel skin off in a circular spiral from the bottom (choose a large one with
no black viens within the white flesh), boil till it begins to split and its
"done" (about 15-20 mins.,) remove the center "vien", put a little garlic
butter on it, and pig out!

O.K., Julius et. al.  Based on all this discussion I bought a great big
malanga while in South Florida.  I plan to name it Xanthosoma "Winn
Dixie Dania Beach" if it turns out to be unusual.

On a serious note, the malanga has an obvious growing tip, although I
cannot tell if it is alive or dead, nor can I discern a color.  It is a
huge tuber in any case.

What about other grocery store items?  For example, Yuca or Sugar Cane?
Is there any hope of these sprouting?


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