Re: Xanthosoma saggitifolia (malanga) or "Taro"? (fwd)

Julius Boos wrote:

> The elongate tubers of "malanga" (NOT taro, which will be more egg-shaped
> and larger) with the pink tip will either be X. violacium, OR a new (to us)
> species that grows with green leaves; it originates (is grown)
> in Costa Rica, while "true" X. violacium which is a beautiful plant has been
> purchased in Jamaican stores as "red co co".  The two tubers seem identical,
> while the plants are very different.

Julius, could you tell more about what is this new species, and what are its

I am growing a malanga that came with a purple growing tip, and it is
definitely not a X. violacium (btw, is it violacium, or violaceum??), but it
does not quite look like X.saggitifolia, either. The stems have a faintly
bluish cast to them, and the plant seems to have arrived at its final size (for
its growing conditions, which here in California seem to cause dwarfism among
big-leaved aroids), which is quite smaller than a positively identified
X.saggitifolia growing right next to it.

Krzysztof Kozminski
"Applying computer technology is simply finding the right wrench to
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