Interesting Story

Craig Allen, Curator of the Rare Plant House at Fairchild Tropical Garden,
tells me the following....

After Hurricane Andrew the Rare Plant House was almost destroyed and there
was no room or place to really 'take care' of the Amorphophallus titanums
that they had.  These were from the seed received from Dr. Jim Symon.  So,
they stayed in 10 inch pots for almost three years.  The plants were
watered and fertilized normally because they were in a controled condition.
Over the almost three years, the 10 inch pots swelled and were 'as round
as basketballs'.  When, finally, circumstances were ripe for repotting, it
was found that each of the 'basketball' twelve pots had multiple tubers in
them.  It seems that the stress of being confined had made the tubers
devide instead of becoming one large tuber.  He now has over fifty
plants.....(Sorry, FTG does not ship.)  This goes against all that we have
been told about A. titanum not having pups but....  who has left tubers in
one pot for almost three years till they swelled up?  It is amazing just
what someone can learn by actually neglecting a plant.

Craig also tells me that when repotting, he put the tuber that is now in
inflorescence in a thirty gallon pot.  Normally, this tuber would have gone
in a much smaller pot but the experience of blowing up the pot was to be
averted....  This is the one that bloomed...  So, conclusions are these....
To multiple...  leave in a crowded pot....  To bloom....  put a medium
size tuber in a very large pot.

Again, this is contrary to all we have been told about this plant but....
Nothing is ever certain and new information often makes old information
untrue and obsolete.

The inflorescence should be open the first of the week... Monday, Tuesday
or, at the latest, Wednesday.  I shall be there with the camera just firing


Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Your Source for Tropical Araceae

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