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<font size=3D3>At 09:57 AM 6/14/98 -0500, Dewey Fisk wrote:<br>
&gt;Craig Allen, Curator of the Rare Plant House at Fairchild Tropical
&gt; <br>
This is similar to the Axolotl, an amphibian found only in Mexico.=A0 The
story goes that after WW 2, the bombed-out Berlin Aquarium was being
rehabilitated, when 2 large Mexican salamanders were found where none had
been in the collection before.=A0 It was found that the Axolotl, Ambystoma
sp.,a Mexican larval salamander that lives it's entire life in the
juvenile state (neoteny), including external gills and the ability to
breed and reproduce, was, under the stress placed upon it, the Mexican
salamander, a normal air breathing terrestrial animal.<br>
Papayas under certain stress also can (and do) change sexes.=A0 My papayas
went from perfect flowers into a very cold winter, survived with female
flowers for 3 months, and have spent the last 10 years producing only
male flowers.=A0 Therefore, no more fruit.=A0 It has also been found that
vegetables produced for far northern areas with short growing seasons do
better than standard vegetable varieties when grown in Texas.<br>
Perhaps putting stress on our plants is the cause of chromosomal
alterations causing new &quot;varieties&quot; to form.=A0 Some bamboos when
sprayed with Round-up insufficient to completely kill the plant, come
back variegated.=A0 I'm attempting to do this with Arum italicum, which is
a pest here.=A0 Very Round-up resistant.=A0 <br>
Sorry if the diversion is out of order.=A0=A0 Gary </font>

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