Re: Philo mello-barretoanum

Jared, cat's-claw vine (Macfadyena unguis-cati) is not a good
example to prove your point as its natural range is immense:
from the West Indies all the (far) way down into Argentina.  
True, there are more plants indigenous to "deep, mesic tropics" 
than are in Aregentina, but it can get pretty cool down in 
Argentina in July.  Philo mello-barretoanum is indigenous to a 
relatively small area whose center is roughly the capitol city 
of Brazilia in Brazil (Goias).  P. selloum (bipinnatifidum), whose
natural range is much larger (from the Rio de region southwards
and westwards to Paraguay and southwards into northern Uruguay)
is probably hardier to cold because of its much more diverse
habitat--probably also more drought resistant.  

I am NOT saying that P. mello-barretoanum is not as hardy to cold
as is P. bipinnatifidum (and I certainly hope you're right), but
it *probably* isn't, because of its smuch more restricted natural


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