Re: Amazing

>These Amorphophallus are the most amazing plants....
>For instance....  I have an A. parvulus that is extreemly difficult to
>grow...  last year, I did not repot it for fear of disturbing the plant....
>It is in a one gallon black nursery pot.  This spring, it put up a small
>petiole in the middle of the top of the pot...  I said to myself...."Self,
>you have it for at least one more year."  Then, a week or so later....  It
>put out another petiole...  But, this time it came out the hole that is on
>the side of the pot at the bottom!!!!!    In a couple of weeks, it produced
>another petiole out THE SAME  hole....  In a couple of weeks...  yep,
>another petiole....  BUT, from the hole in the BOTTOM of the pot...  right
>in the middle of the bottom of the pot....  In a couple weeks additional...
>There is another petiole....  but, this time it is in the normal place....
>right beside the first one coming out of the top of the pot....
>Is this strange or what?
>Now, to start some discussion....  Do you think I should leave the five
>petioles as they are or try to cut the pot away and repot each one...
>Remember, this is an extreemly difficult one to grow and it is doing so
>well and the petioles are all healthy?
>What do you think?

Well, you know, sometimes, I've decided that the plant knows best and I
just let it do its thing unless there is some compelling reason for
disturbing/repotting/moving it.  I say this not from a particularly "aroid"
point of view, but just generally horticultural.  It's not always an easy

Don Martinson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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