Re: Aroids in the garden

>I ordered several plants today for a new area of my garden. Many of the
>plants will be aroids including Amorphophallus konjac, several Arisaemas,
>Pinellias, and a Alocasia macrorhizos.
>E. George Oeser

Dear George;
	If carefully planted in your Zone 6 garden thes Pinellia and
Arisaema should settle in fine. Probably go dormant quickly now. The A
konjac needs a good siting for survival and a winter mulch would help too.
It will probably NOT go dormant now, but it depends on its state of growth,
rot distrurbance etc. However the Alocasia is iffy and beyond no matter
when you plant that. Maybe in a really protected spot and maybe well
mulched and a few incantations to insure survival, but I'd be very relutant
unless you simply want ot 'see what happens'. Personally, I'd keep it
indoors until you have enough to sacrifice a piece to the "Gods of

	Good luck		jim W.

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