RE: greensand: A sand or sediment that consists largely of dark greenish
grains of glauconite, usually mixed with clay or sand.

glauconite - A greenish mineral consisting of a silicate of iron,
magnesium, aluminum or potassium found in greensand and often used as a
fertilizer or soil supplement.

I found the above information from
under their Glossary of Botanical Terms.

I use Mineral Rite which is ground up granite rock. Vulcun Materials has
tons of this at their mining site in Concord NC. Mineral Rite contains
75 to 85 minerals: 60% Silica, Aluminum Oxide 15%, Iron Oxide 6%,
Calcium Oxide 9%, elemental Calcium, 6.5%, magnesium oxide 3%, Potassium
oxide 1.4%, Cobalt 13%, Copper 50ppm, Manganese 6.8%, Molybdenum 5%,
Zinc, Chlorine, Boron 10ppm, Para magnetic, elemental sulfur .65ppm.
I starting using Mineral Rite in my gardens last year. When tilled into
the soil, it is suppose to help increase the earth worm population. I
have a couple hundred pounds that need to be put into the garden but it
is way too hot. Also it is suppose to improve red clay soils.

More mineral info:

Call your local county extension agent. Perhaps they could be of better
help and suggest where to obtain the best greensand/minerals for your
soil mixture.

Judy Bauer
Concord NC

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