Amorphophallus konjac

Hello, I'm new to this list. In keeping with my usual habit, I am attempting
to learn as much as possible regarding the cultural requirements of my soon to
arrive new acquisition; I just ordered one from Plants Delights Nursery - A.

I reside in South Florida and will be keeping it in a terra-cotta pot in
dappled sunlight. If any of you are familiar with 'Jungle Growth Professional
Growers Mix' (Home Depot sells this), will this be a good medium for this
plant? I also plan to add about 40% oil dry (fired clay product) to the mix to
make it more open/airy - I use this on my bonsai with excellent results. Any
suggestions will be welcome on the medium of your choice! Thanks in advance.

Luis Fontanills
Miami, Florida   USA

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