Dear all,
     I am currently (FINALLY!) finishing off taxonomic revisions of 
     Alocasia in West Malesia (= Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, 
     Java) and the Philippines.
     In order to make the revisions relevant to a wide range of people, I 
     would like to check the extent to which plants of this genus in 
     cultivation (BUT NOT HORTICULTURAL HYBRIDS) can be fitted into my 
     classification, and whether there are plants of any further 
     undescribed species in cultivated collections.
     If you have Alocasias growing in your collections which 
     1. you think are or may be of new species AND 
     2. you have RELIABLE WILD PROVENANCE DATA for (at least to island or 
     state - e.g. Java, Luzon, Sabah, Sarawak, Kalimantan, Aceh etc. but 
     preferably more detailed than that) 
     please airmail me preserved material of them (or e-mail a photo 
     first), and I will attempt to identify them for you. If there is a 
     cultivar name (registered or unofficial) being used for the plant in 
     question, please let me know what it is.
     Ideally include a dried leaf, a photograph and an inflorescence that 
     has been steeped in 70% alcohol or FAA (or a dried one). However, a 
     leaf will often be adequate.
     My mailing address is Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Mrs Maquaries 
     Road, Sydney 2000, Australia. We will deal with Australian quarantine 
     issues this end. You do not need to do anything except ensure that 
     there are no live insects in the specimen. 
     All assistance will, of course, be fully acknowledged in the papers.
     Looking forward to hearing from you
     Alistair Hay

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