Re: Titanum in Atlanta

With this increasing frequency in blooms, I expect to be able to purchase a
bouquet of titanums within a few months.  Furthermore, I expect to find
hybridized versions including doubles & peonie forms.

Seriously, what's the natural history of the titanum tuber?  I've read here
that the leaf cycle is irregular, presumably because these equatorial
plants aren't used to seasons.  Once the leaf on the FTG tuber runs it's
cycle and the tuber is allowed to lay dormant, will the tuber flower again?  

At 12:21 PM 6/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Someone mentioned earlier this week about the pollen from the Titanum
>being shipped up to Atlanta where another Titanum might be blooming
>soon.. Well, here's an update.. I happened to run across this morning's
>paper whilst microwaving my breakfast, and lo and behold, I run across
>an article about said Titanum in the AJC! Apparently they're guessing
>it'll be in bloom by this weekend, and there's a photo included along
>with the article. Guess what I'll be up to this weekend! hehe..

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