Hi there fellow "Aroidophiles"!
                                               I live in West Palm Beach, 
Florida [born and raised in Trinidad, W. I.] and am brand new on the computer, 
so excuse typos!
  I enjoy growing and studying aquatic Aroids, including the Genera Urospatha,
Anaphyllopsis, Dracontioides,Dracontium,Lasia,Lasiamorpha, Podolasia,and 
others.   I' ve published two articles in "Aroideana"[Vol. 16,1993] on my 
observations, and have a couple others "in press" at the moment. I sometimes 
manage to produce seed of some of the above, and give it to people who are 
committed to the effort required to grow these unique and spectacular plants, 
so drop me an E-Mail when time permits and I'll put you on the list .   Also 

 like to hear from folks that plan to travel to S. America as I have a  "want 
list" of a few plants from that area and will give info. on how/where they 


Julius. []

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