Re: Note from Phil Mueller

>As a new aroider from GUAM it was interesting to read Phil's comments re
>our island. The brown tree snake (BTS) stories you all hear are ALL
>highly unfounded. We do have some snakes here but they are not, repeat
>THEY ARE NOT, DO NOT and NEVER HAVE hung from the trees like pasta.


Hi bart:

I understood, from various documentaries, readings, etc, that the Brown
Tree Snake is an introduced venomous snake that, on various islands, has
caused a considerable amount of damage (for lack of a natural predator) to
the local ecosystems of said islands. Worse than rats. In other words: They
have become a real threat to native species.

In many areas (I understand), there is a bounty on their hides.

Could, in light of this, the phrase: "hung from the trees like pasta" refer
to the collection of such snake skins, drying for the bounty offered?

Just curious.

Kind Regards,

Rand Nicholson(

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