Great News

"Aroids of Papua New Guinea",, by Dr. Alistair Hay is now available.  It
has taken almost six months to get the Publisher to respond and ship but,
now we have them.

This is an excellent work covering all of the species of Araceae that are
native or have naturalized in Papua New Guinea.  Covers 22 genera!!  There
are many line drawings of both foliage and inflorescence.  The beauty of
this book is enhanced by sixteen pages of color prints with each page
having three or four pictures.  There is also an eight page Glossery for
people like me that do not understand a lot of "Botanical".  Oh well,
enough of this..  The book is great!

Availiable from the IAS, P.O. Box 43-1853, South Miami, FL 33143 USA.
Cost, $18. for USA and $21. for International.  The extra covers Air-Mail

There are eight copies available at the present time.  We are expecting
another shipment of thirty copies but it is coming by 'Slow Boat'.  If you
like, I will take reservations on the eight copies  pending the arrival of
your check.

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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