Re: Philo seed advice needed.

Thank you Edwardo,  I will write these down and study the possibilities.  If
I decide not to plant all of the seed I get from the order this year, for how
long are the seeds viable?  Can they last until next winter so I can start
some earlier to allow for the hardening period before going outside?  Aslo, I
have a 9' by 15' plastic covered greenhouse (lower half is 2" redwood and the
upper half is poly pipes arranged quansit style over the top with white
plastic covering).  I have no heating system, but I do have a misting system
installed, and electricity.  In a short while, I should be able to start seed
inside, but as far as winter goes, when the temp. drops outside, it also
drops inside.  The only protection it would really provide would be from
frost.  It wouldn't help a bit when it comes to freezing (which we don't get
much).  Is there some way I can utilize the greenhouse for the Philos?  In
summer, it would be very warm and humid, but winters are another thing.  Do
you think the rustic species would survive in there? 
        Thank you.
Sue Zunino

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